Home Founder


At his early age, he been fortunate enough to work for family in a corporate world. He been wasting time enjoying his life and neglecting all kind of opportunity even though his salary is just enough to spend for his own and totally no saving at all. However his enjoying moment doesn't last to long.

At year 2020, the Covid-19 had cause unemployed. At this time, he also noticed that his health status is getting worst. He is weak until he cannot even wake up to attend for many interview on time. The time had made him realize how important to build up the healthy body.

nakJADI formed

He want to be healthy but had no money. How? One day, he was accidentally gone into a interesting talk about how to use the right food as medicine in youtube channel.

It all started when he began to look for herbs and recipe for himself. He was fortunate that he found many herbs around his house area. He spend most of his time to research how to best utilize the herbs for himself. Sooner, he turn to become expert.

Seeing a tremendous improvements in his wellbeing, He started to share the benefits of herbs among his clients, families & friends.

Realizing that it has the potential to be a good business opportunity to help more people, he began to focus more on it. He hopes it can flourish and in turn, fulfill her desire to reach out to others about the benefits of herbs. Therefore, he formed the nakJADI at 2022. 

The journey begin